B2 Easy – English B2 Level Exam Preparation

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7 detailed and complete videos where each part of the Cambridge B2 First is analysed in detail:

  1. Video: Use of English
  2. Video: Reading
  3. Video: Writing
  4. Video: Listening
  5. Video: Speaking
  6. Video: Grammar and Vocabulary
  7. Video: Exam Day

More than 120 pages of downloadable material (created by us ©AbbeyAcademy or free download)

Tips, advice and useful information

Grammar summaries

Vocabulary lists

Useful bibliography

Advice on useful apps to improve productivity

Writing tips… and much more

What are you waiting for?

You’ll have all the information in one place, just for you.

You’ll be able to watch all the videos from the comfort of your home.

You’ll be able to download and print all the material attached to each video.

You’ll have the possibility to listen to the videos in mp3 format wherever you are.

You’ll receive the grammar, punctuation and culture eBooks.

Finally, as if all that wasn't enough, you’ll be able to access an exclusive group with other students from around the world so as not to feel you are on your own.

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